Architects, IT Graduates – Big Data Hadoop!!

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This article will focus on what architects and IT graduates can look upon to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Many of you would have heard about Big Data Hadoop. For those who haven’t, Big Data Hadoop as it name suggests is a distributed processing technology used for BIG data analysis. (Literally, BIG or HUGE data).

It is a software framework that has the capacity to handle massive data and has huge processing power.  There is a growing demand in the industry to handle the analysis of big data efficiently. Hadoop is able to perform multi tasks efficiently and quickly too. The biggest advantage of Hadoop would be its low cost.

Now, you may wonder, why Hadoop? There are many forecasts on this particular processing technology. Two MAJOR IMPACT forecasts are as stated below:

  • Hadoop Market is expected to reach $99.31B by 2022 – Forbes
  • McKinsey predicts that by 2018 there will be a shortage of 1.5M data experts

There are many platforms out there that is offering Hadoop Online certification courses  but let me recommend one particular platform named Edureka.

Big Data and Hadoop Live Online Training by Edureka 

The advantages of this particular online live training platform is as stated:

  • Live sessions (Instructor Led) with weekday classes of 15 sessions, 2 hours each and weekend classes of 10 sessions, 3 hours each
  • Real life case studies (Personally, I would support this any time as this is what learning is all about. A real life application is definitely the way to go)
  • Assignments (Definitely a must to evaluate ones level of understanding)
  • Lifetime access (Pay once and get to view and revise it every time and anytime, how cool is that??)
  • 24 x 7 support (The most important part, so that you won’t freak out in between)
  • Certification 
  • Forum (a community of like minded people to discuss and share ideas)

There are many more advantages of joining Edureka. Do click this link to find out more about the course, prerequisites and schedule:

Big Data and Hadoop Live Online Training by Edureka 

p.s:Hadoop practitioners (IT professionals and architects to name a few) are able to earn huge paychecks!! (source: Indeed Job Portal) for their skills. 


Before ending, I haven’t got to the MAJOR point of Edureka. In case if you were not able to execute the practicals or assignments (you need a 4GB RAM and iProcessor), Edureka will be able to give you remote access to their Hadoop cluster!! Problem solved!!
What are you waiting for?? Do check out this link

Big Data and Hadoop Live Online Training by Edureka 

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