Basic Steps to Create an Android App

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This is a sequel to my previous article Want to Create an Android App?

Apparently, creating an android app requires a few necessary steps to be followed. Here, I have outlined these few basic steps. So, hang in there and read to the end to understand better.

Step 1:

Create an idea – This is where it all begins. Ask yourself these questions first. What type of an app do you need? What is the issue that you would need to address? What are the functionalities of the app that you have in mind?

Step 2:

Basic outlook of your app – It’s pretty much like drafting out a document. Prepare the outlook of your app. This includes the interface, the color, background, necessary buttons, so on and so forth.

Step 3:

Obtain a software development kit – The one recommended by Google is the Android Studio. (Although there are quite a number of software development kits out there, it all depends on your level of expertise) This piece of kit offers excellent flexibility and support and it is an ideal choice for beginners.

Step 4:

The fundamental knowledge of Java – Now, this is something you cannot avoid. In order to be able to create an Android app, you must have the core knowledge of Java.

Step 5:

Obtain the necessary materials needed to build your app – We would need to have materials such as logos, fonts, images and so on. Android Studio has a tool called Image Asset Studio which could you generate your own app icon. You could obtain a detailed description of Image Asset Studio here.

Step 6: 

Start the “New Project” – This is when you actually start designing the app. Android Studio has a drag and drop interface which allows you to start this task effectively. Simply go to Android Studio and click “New Project” from the “File” tab.

Step 7:

Code writing- This is where the tricky part starts. Utilizing your basic Java knowledge, you will have to start adding codes (giving out specific instructions on what must be done when one touches a specific button or performs a task). You could start with adding the basic instructions before moving on to the complex ones. This is where Google comes in handy. You could surf for the codes needed (depending on your requirement) and just copy paste it. One great site to obtain help is Stack OverflowIt is an online community for programmers. A platform for learning and sharing knowledge related to programming language.

Step 8:

Test your app on different devices – It is advisable that you test run your newly developed app to avoid crash issues. There are definitely cheap ways out there to perform this. You can go back to Android Studio and find for Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager. AVD manager provides an interface where you can preview your app and how it looks across multiple and different devices. You can learn more about AVDs here.

Step 9:

Go public – This is the stage where you will publish your app. A new APK (an installation file that will be used by users to download your app) will be created. You will also be required to sign a form (agreement) to ensure nobody else will have the rights to update the app, make any form of changes and so on. Going public in Google Play Store requires a small registration fee 0f $25.


These are the main steps involved in creating an Android app. It requires some work on your part but hey! nothing is impossible. If you would like to skip doing all these by yourself and learn it from the experts, I would highly recommend trying out Edureka’s Android Online Training

Android Development- Training by Edureka Create Android apps, integrate them with Social Media, Google drive, Google maps, SQLite, etc. while working on Android Studio. Know More!

It is a Google Certified Program, instructor led live online classes with a 24×7 support system!

I have already highlighted the advantage of this learning platform in my previous article.

Want to Create an Android App?

Do check it out and if you;’re interested do click the link below to sign up for this course

Android Development- Training by Edureka Create Android apps, integrate them with Social Media, Google drive, Google maps, SQLite, etc. while working on Android Studio. Know More! 


Catch you guys and gals again soon.


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6 thoughts on “Basic Steps to Create an Android App”

  1. These steps sounds very easy to follow. I don’t consider myself very technical but you make these instructions very clear understand.

    I bookmarked this page for future reference. Thank you

  2. I’ve always wanted to have my own app one day and it’s nice to know that these steps can help programmers accomplish that. I think it’s both the java and code writing part I’d definitely have the most trouble with. Do you think creating an app is something anyone can learn? Thank you Dr. Veena.

    1. Hi Pete,
      Yes I definitely feel that creating an app is something that everyone can learn. Just a little dedication and determination is the key to success

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