“I wish there will be no questions on chemical equations tomorrow”

p.s: wish made for a Chemistry paper FINAL EXAM (No Equations??)

Whoa! you gotta be kidding me? This was a wish made by my student today while having his usual class with me. As a teacher who is always full of advice (Duh! That’s me!) I suggested him to alter his wish instead….wish for something that is POSITIVE.

Okay, let’s be specific….instead of wishing for something ridiculous like no chemical equations in a Chemistry final paper, why not try wishing for this:

” I wish that whatever question that comes out tomorrow, I must at least attempt at answering it correctly”

Okay, let’s analyse these two different wishes on the effect it has on your thought process. Again, this is all from my personal point of view having years of experience being a student. Imagine asking for Wish#1, you automatically condition your brain to assume that there’ll be no equations in your papers. Your rational mind clearly knows that it would be silly to expect such a thing…but you cannot seem to steer your mind out of it. So, you just wish and wish and wish and pray and keep your fingers crossed hoping that no equations will appear or they will magically erase itself from the papers.. Will it happen?? NO!! Then,  when you expect the unexpected which you were supposed to expect at the first place (the EQUATIONS…. Got it?).. you PANIC!! This is because you unknowingly, have conditioned your brain to assume something that is not possible to happen. Although you may know the answer to that question if you could have just calmed down and think, at that point, you’ll be like OMG! OMG! What do I do???

Now, let’s move on to Wish#2, to KISS (Keep it short and simple, just to let you know, if you don’t know), what you have done unknowingly is to condition your brain in a manner as such that it will be able to accept whatever questions that appears with a calm and composed mind. Because, you wished the right thing,which is to attempt at answering the questions correctly. What your brain will do is, it will try to pay more attention and be more alert in answering the questions throughout the exam. Your brain will rake for information, you will remember things that you have studied with such amazing ease (or at least, you will not panic, which is SUPER important) and your brain will actually attempt  to focus and think with a better clarity. Once the exam is over, you will have that sense of satisfaction. You know you have given your best shot and you shall not worry about the results. You will never know until you’ve tried.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”― Napoleon Hill



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