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Good day!

Great to be writing again! Hope you’re all doing good. Just finished a class with one of my students and that has sparked me to write about dreams! Where and what is the connection you may wonder? Well, tell me how many of you ever experienced having bad dreams before your exams?? I wonder if I have caught you off guard? 🙂 No worries, at least most of us had bad dreams before sitting for a major exam. It’s pretty normal I suppose. Hmm, why do we have these dreams at the first place? And why must it be particularly bad? Why? why? I am no expert in giving you the interpretation of your dreams so I shall stay clear out of it. But I think I am able to express my own point of view. Well my explanation is pretty simple based on years of experience in dreaming (LOL!) I sincerely believe that your subconscious mind (again!) is such a powerful tool that it is able to amplify disturbing emotions that constantly nags you into something dreadful or worse still, into life in your dreams?? We know to a certain extent that the subconscious mind is very active when we sleep. Hence, whatever that has been plaguing our thoughts throughout the day becomes the subject of our own nightmares at night.

This student of mine was forgetting her facts and she looked dull the whole class. I could see that she was not her usual self. Finally, she revealed that in the morning she had a dream. In that dream, all her relatives, were scolding her for not scoring well in her exams. That in turn made her sulky. I imagined that the dream was so real that it freaked her out. The best (or the worst part) she forgot her facts!! In other words, she has decided to allow the dream to overpower her and if it prolongs, the dream will become a reality!! NOOO!!!

So, in this case the subconscious mind controlled her dreams and in turn the dream has affected her subconscious mind. Sounds like a reversible reaction. Just like in Haber process :). The point is, to become successful, you are NOT going to allow negative thoughts to seep into your mind like a slow poison. You are NOT going to allow negativity conquer you by any means. You are NOT allowing any form of emotional clutters get into your way. Instead, use your nightmares as a stepping stone to be better from where you are now. Challenge the dream and prove that not all dreams become a reality. You shall control your own path. When you’re facing a hurdle, just say I WILL DO IT!! and you will.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam – ‘Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep.’


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  1. Hi Veena,
    I think you are absolutely correct. I have had very vivid stress dreams before which I think is the same principle anyway. Our subconscious minds have ways to vent harmful energies that we may take on during the day.
    Thanks for sharing this, it was very insightful. Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh, I’m so glad I don’t have nightmares no more. Still I think many of my dreams reflect the wake life. It is a interesting theme.
    Nice to read your article, thank’s

  3. What an interesting post. I don’t usually remember my dreams, but I can remember several times I had dreams that upon waking did make me feel negatively towards someone or something. I love that you remind us that we get to choose. I read somewhere about memories being history that is frequently rewritten. When the moment passes, we have only history. And we assign meaning to things after the fact. I enjoyed your post and the reminder to stay present.

  4. Dreams are quite powerful. I have had many which have made me ponder. Some have made me feel quite sad as well.

    You gave a great example here as sometimes I have recurring dreams.

    One of them in particular is about sitting exams, and by coincidence I too feel like I haven’t studied enough and fear I will not pass.

    I get them very rarely. I don’t let it get to me though in the real world, but it does bother me why I would dream about this from time to time.

    1. I guess the fear is instilled subconsciously and that’s why the dream repeats from time to time. It’s just that we fail to realise and address the issue. But its good that you never let it Pass through you. Here in my place, there are cases where students even commit suicide due to exam pressure. Anyways, thanks for reading.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story about your student’s relevant nightmare during exam stress. I would agree with you that dreams sometimes can be so vivid and emotionally powerful that it’s challenging to “shake” them off the next day. Especially if it’s the kind of dream that has something to teach us.

    On the one hand, dreams can be a litmus test to tell us how we’re “really” feeling about an issue, and on the other hand, they can be massively distorting to some (usually negative or primal) emotions at the expense of our attempts to engage with other aspects of life, such as mind or higher learning.

    I’ve read that people who practice lucid dreaming have some success in “controlling” their dreams and even functioning as though conscious inside them. But I’ve also read that practice takes a long time and great dedication to cultivate.

    I’ve also read that journaling first thing in the morning, when you awaken and the dream is still fresh in your mind, can be a great way to “squeeze all the juice” from it, so to speak – you can then read the journal entry later and analyze if the dream is still nagging at you.

    Anything we can do to beat the stress and focus on waking life, right?

    1. Right. Journaling? Sounds like a good idea… I haven’t tried it personally though. Maybe that would help. Could use this as an advice to my students snd for myself as well. Thanks

  6. Such in depth interpretation on dream. I often wonder, is a dream just a dream or it means something? I’m guilty of feeling negativity at times and I see not so happy dreams and then worry some more after the dream. Now, at least I know. I need to feed positivity to the sub-conscious for a peaceful sleep and happy dreams!

    1. Hello glad that you liked my post. These are all real life experiences from my students. I did learn alot from them. This also helped me understand myself better. Sometimes, it just takes time for you to be able to control your thoughts and emotions. It’s easier said than done but I believe with practice, everything is possible. Thanks

  7. Yeah, I’ve had similar experiences where the things that you are dealing with during the day, somehow appear in your dreams at night.

    Thankfully if you are able to figure out how to solve the problem in during your waking hours, then it tends to clear up at night while you are sleeping too.

    I’ve also heard that some people record their dreams and look into them to see if there are deeper meanings. Have you ever tried anything like that before?

    1. Yes, on a few rare occasions. Some bad some good. However not all of them were very meaningful though. The next best thing to do was to forget about it and move on

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