Teacher : “Electrical energy is equivalent to power of the electrical appliance multiplied by time of electricity consumption, I repeat again, electrical energy is equivalent to power of the electrical appliance multiplied by time of electricity consumption….”

Student was intently looking and nodding his head

Teacher: “What is energy again?”

Student: “Energy is vast teacher, how can I explain it in a sentence?”

Teacher: ????

A scenario in class which makes me laugh till today. I could have rephrased the question I suppose. Well, I just assumed that the student understood my question since he was intently focusing on my explanation (which can be pretty dramatic with my hand gestures and all). How will you be able to analyse the student’s ability to learn and listen? At that moment, I was literally fuming thinking, what on earth is wrong with him…Now, coming to think of it….I realized that he was pretty smart in diverting the question..LOL!! Which brings us back to today’s topic. How to concentrate on something that you could not be bothered about? (I shall not deny that energy is extremely important to know and you should never ignore knowing about it!) Based on my personal experience, I have listed some ways to help you out..

  1. The fact that you need to know that topic in order to get good grades in that particular subject is undeniable!! Always remember that you are not in a position (momentarily) to choose what you like and dislike (when it comes to compulsory subjects to be taken), hence just “accept the hardship” and pull through. Plainly, you DON’T HAVE A CHOICE JUST YET!
  2. Look at the bigger picture. If you don’t like a particular subject, try to link its importance to you. For example, if you would like to become a biochemist, but you don’t like hydrocarbons, try to see yourself everyday being the biochemist you’d wish to be and soon you will realize the importance of mastering the topic. You could also read about your chosen career and plan ahead. This will definitely block your disinterest.
  3. Create a connection between the subject and your daily activities. A good example would be about knowing energy. Why do we need to know the various types of energy out there? Simple! It is because we utilize it every single second! Even the basic activities in life requires the consumption of energy right? Try to find a connection of the subjects you learn to your daily life
  4. Create a study timetable and STICK to it. Be realistic about your routine and prepare a schedule where you could follow, and follow you must! with discipline. This will naturally include the subjects you don’t like as well. Be motivated to pick up the dreaded textbook and finish revising the topic because you have to do so. Use your timetable as a motivation.
  5. Create study groups If you find yourself diverting your attention too much when you’re alone. I totally understand that you can’t turn off your Insta and Whatsapp and all while studying, can you? 🙂 you might miss liking a picture or commenting or alerting your friend about a post!! Anyways, form group studies with friends “who are as motivated as you are” and please….pledge to switch the whatever apps or better still switch your phone off before studying.
  6. Create a healthy competition. Don’t get me wrong but remember I told you that all these points are based on my personal experience? We used to be study freaks. Which means we compete for higher grades in class. Please don’t be overly competitive. The idea is to compare your monthly grades with whoever the class topper is and be on par with him or her in the  next exam. (I am not being mean, this is just for MOTIVATION purpose only!)
  7. Try to get some food or beverage that increases your concentration.I used to drink hot chocolate because I feel good about indulging in it and I will attain an unexplained inner peace after consuming it. Once that is achieved, anything I read or memorize, sticks in my brain for a long term. You could try anything like that, maybe orange yogurt, avocados, passion fruit, Lays chips…literally anything…but do not binge in it….again the idea is to be in peace before you start studying THAT subject.

I hope these ways help. Catch you again sometime soon…


“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life” – William Morris


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