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Many times I’ve encountered students who just do not have the courage to answer questions especially structured and essay questions due to their poor command in the language. Well, time and again I have stressed to them that the command of a language is and added advantage but definitely not a necessity.  (this applies to Science and other technical subjects, NOT language subjects!) Today I’ll give you the examples of keywords of a few common terms from various Science subjects.

Bernoulli’s principle

-pressure of fluid decreases when the velocity increases

Archimedes’ principle

-upthrust = weight of liquid displaced

Plane mirror image characteristics

-same size

-laterally inverted



Ideal design of an optical fiber

-TIR (total internal reflection)


-clear image

-low density material



-highly flexible

-bundle of parallel optical fiber

Characteristic of an enzyme




-sensitive to pH

-small quantity


-optimum temperature (37 degrees Celcius)


-one fatty acid replaced by phosphate

-main part of cell membrane

-permeability of membrane

Metaphase (Mitosis)

-chromosomes arranged at equator (metaphase plate)

-centromere attached by spindle

-centromere splits into two

Synovial joint

-synovial fluid


-synovial membrane


Ionic bond

-metal and non metal

-transfer of electrons

-electrostatic forces of attraction

-positive and negative ion


-strong and weak

-strong – fully dissociates (mineral)

-weak – partially dissociate (organic)

-H ions released

-diprotic- one mole releases two hydrogen ions


-same proton number

-different nucleon number

-same chemical property

-different physical property

Listed above are the keywords of  particular subtopics in various science subjects.Now, in order to answer questions pertaining to these, the keywords ( or phrases ) is the major part of the marks. With dedicated amount of practice and utilizing memory techniques highlighted in my previous post, it doesn’t seem hard after all right? I mean, how bad can it be?


“Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” – Sherman Finesilver


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