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Good to be writing again. My disappearance was due to a super hectic schedule and besides just months ago I realized that most of “my students” do not actually take the time to read! These days reading only involves ‘boring’ textbooks and reference books because what matters is only the A grade at the end of the day right? ( I am being sarcastic ). Anyways, I shall not be disheartened by the lack of readers. If I am able to impart my knowledge and ideas to at least a few out there, I shall deem that my mission is accomplished.

Okay, let’s get back to the point… maths really that HARD?? Why do some students find it easy and the others feel like throwing up  just by seeing that word?? (The one that starts with M and ends with a S and has a T in between!!)  Okay…let me guess…hmmm..maybe because the nerdy has a MATH GENE in him/her??

Here’s what research says.. There is NO such thing as a MATH GENE! and NO…the nerdy is not loving maths because his/her brain is naturally inclined to numbers…..WHY then?

From my observation, generally, students who are weak or who “thinks” they are weak are students who already have a general perception that maths is hard. They’ll go like OH MY GOD, that’s so hard….(Don’t I feel like knocking them? Hello?? We haven’t even started yet?!) You can’t just decide by looking at a bunch of x’s and y’s. Can’t you at least take some time to comprehend it first before deciding..The point is, this is the exact attitude that one should not have while approaching maths.

As I always say, Maths is a beautiful subject. Learn how to look at it in a different perspective. As known, Maths is the Mother of All Sciences. This is because maths is used as a tool to solve all the other science problems. As such, it is definitely necessary for students to realize that hating such a subject is not going to be beneficial to him/her.

So, how do you approach Maths? I have known parents who drown their students with practice, practice and more practice till the child feels like drowning in a sea of numbers. I am definitely not against practicing Maths, but it should be done with a certain mindset and approach. Maths is a theory that is utilized in daily life applications. I would therefore prefer students to tackle questions that focuses on problem solving skills (critical thinking). In this way, you guys out there will be able to know why is this confusing algebra used at the first place.

Choose the right questions while practicing… develop an interest by changing your mindset… Learning is a fun process and being able to have an opportunity to master such a beautiful subject is a blessing indeed. If you can’t solve a difficult question, try putting yourself in a combat and imagine how hard you’ll try to win in that game (I hope I’m using the correct gaming terms).

Remember that it is all in you….Do click here to discover some examples of the beauty of maths….

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas” – Albert Einstein


Till I catch you again,

Dr. Veena

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