Dear Students,

Good day! Nothing is impossible for us! Do you believe in this saying wholeheartedly? If yes, then please do remember that most of the excuses I’ve heard; panic, fear, forgotten the facts, nervous and all, comes from your inner mind.(subconscious). Before going on further, always remember hard work pays! So, if you have put in 100% effort in your studies  then it is near impossible that you will not be able to score with flying colors.

What is the first word that comes into your mind when you hear the word Add Maths for instance? A majority of you would say “DIFFICULT” and ” I DON’T LIKE THAT SUBJECT”. That’s right! If you are one of those many students who have implanted these phrases in your mind for a particular subject, then evidently the subject becomes your biggest enemy and your mind registers that firmly in you. The results??  You will NEVER EVER score well in that subject. Instead, try associating Add Maths with “EASY” and believe me, everything will work well.

Some of you may not believe that such a simple technique can actually lift your mental barrier. Let’s just try it out for fun then. Every morning wake up with a firm belief that you’re going to perform well in that subject. Say out loud “I believe that Add Maths is an easy subject”.  Repeat the phrase three times (or any other subject for that matter) and start working on that subject diligently. Believe me or not! you will find that the subject itself is not difficult after all!! Time and again this method has proven to be super effective despite its simplicity.

We have been granted with a wonderful life and the wonderful ability to think , feel and respond. Why choose to flood our life with negativity? Exams are there to test our knowledge and is not meant to torture us. Face it with a smile and I bet that you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel (not a train!!) Always always remember, the block lies in our mind and if we can’t control our thoughts, no one will be able to assist us. Hope that you guys and gals out there will try this fun exercise out and let me know the outcome.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up – Thomas Alva Edison


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2 thoughts on “MENTAL BLOCK IN STUDIES??”

  1. A good Can-Do Attitude is half of the success – I completely agree with your article.
    And from my personal experience it’s often best to study in the mornings as well. I know not everyone likes mornings, but if the first thing you do is a nice cup of coffee and the second thing you do it sitting down for classes or studying with an open freshly rested mind – it feels so much easier than to do it after a hard and busy day in the evening. After all – it is scientifically proven our minds work better in mornings
    Good luck breaking your mental barriers everyone – you can definitely do it!!!!

    1. That’s a good piece of advice. Starting your revision in the mornings is definitely worthwhile. Maybe shall come up with a post on that too..Thanks Anna

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