Want to Create an Android App?

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Heard about Android apps before? These apps (short form for applications) are software applications used by Google’s Android Platform (formerly known as Android Market). These Android apps are widely available in Google Play Store. These Android apps are specially designed for mobile phones and tablets and hence is widely used in devices that uses the Android OS (operating system) platform.

Android apps are written using the Java programming language. It was developed by Android Inc. Google bought over Android Inc. in the year 2005. Now, the Google Play Store which is the main provider for Android apps has almost 2.7 million apps as of February 2017 (source Wiki). Android has 1.4 billion monthly active users (source Wiki)

I believe that by looking at the numbers above, your jaw would have dropped slightly. What if I tell you, that you could be riding this “Android Wave” by developing your own app. Thus, the post today would be on how to learn to develop these Android apps. I am not going to teach you on how to create an Android app but I am going to recommend an awesome online learning platform that teaches you how to create it.

Android Development- Training by Edureka Create Android apps, integrate them with Social Media, Google drive, Google maps, SQLite, etc. while working on Android Studio. Know More!  

I have mentioned the general advantages of signing up for  a course through Edureka in my previous post : https://drveenasforte.com/architects-it-graduates-big-data-hadoop

Here, what I am going to highlight is why you should consider choosing Edureka over the other online classes out there.

  • Google certified program for globally recognized Associate Android Developer Certificate

As of now, there are 51,ooo happy students who are satisfied with Edureka’s online development training program.

Android Development- Training by Edureka Create Android apps, integrate them with Social Media, Google drive, Google maps, SQLite, etc. while working on Android Studio. Know More! 

The final MAJOR “WOW” factor in this course is that: Anyone and everyone can sign up for this course!

What are you waiting for? This is definitely an exciting opportunity to gain new knowledge for those who would wish to try their hands on programming and of course to earn some extra bucks!!

p.s: If your’re still at doubt, just scroll above and look at the numbers of active subscribers monthly! Do not miss this opportunity!!

Android Development- Training by Edureka Create Android apps, integrate them with Social Media, Google drive, Google maps, SQLite, etc. while working on Android Studio. Know More! 


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18 thoughts on “Want to Create an Android App?”

    1. Hello Mark,

      Glad that you’d like to grab this opportunity. Yes you would need to know Java. But the introduction to Java will be given as a complimentary session in this course. Thanks

  1. Looks like this one of the ‘IN’ thing for now. Will definitely considering riding the Android Wave. Thanks for sharing

  2. woow thanks Dr Veena…i never thought making my own app is within my reach. this is absolutely amazing im gonna learn more from your site first before i endeavour on that journey.

  3. will i be able to create android application with minimum programming? or i have to learn the whole language 1st?

    1. Hi William,

      Thanks for reading. Yes, you will be able to create an Android app with minimum programming language. You will need to know basic Java which will be given as a complimentary session when you sign up for this course. Thanks

  4. This is an awesome idea, I’ve wanted to create an app for years. The problem is, I have no clue what it would be about. My daughter on the other hand, may want to look at this! She is super smart and 13, so she knows what younger people are into now.

    1. Hey Keli, Personally I found this course pretty interesting as well. The basic Java language that you would need is given as a complimentary session in this course. I am sure your daughter would be able to grasp it quickly as well. Let me know once your feedback once you’ve tried it. Thanks

  5. Thank you for this Dr. Veena. I have always wanted to build an app and didn’t know where to start. Your article gave me a reason to go back and look for my plan and to start it. This is very helpful. Thank you =)

    1. Glad to know that. Building your own app for business or any purpose takes the brand to a whole different level. Thanks for reading

  6. Hey Dr. Veena, this is very interesting. I have heard that it’s now easier than ever creating your own Android apps but I’ve been a bit apprehensive about trying to learn it. You see, I have my own online business and I am kept very busy with that. Can you give me an indication of the training period and how long it would take for me to be able to create my own app?

    1. Hello Craig,

      Glad that you find it interesting. The duration of this course is about 5 weeks. And yes, throughout this course you will be taught to deal with hands on projects from the experts thus you will be able to create your own app by the end of this course. Thanks

  7. Wow, Seriously your article have a lot of information I want. First of all I good to know Android is bought by Google. To be honest I am using an android phone but I have no idea the previous android is an independent body. Good to know.

    Now come to learning apps and I definitely will give it a try. I thought of learning by attending the offline course but I didn’t proceed due to the commitment to full-time job. Now I know there is online version and this is good news for me.

    Thanks for letting me know

    1. Hi Maxx,

      Great to know that you find the article useful. Will strive to post more informative articles. Thanks for your support

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