Curriculum - Does syllabus content matter

Dear Students,

” Why do we need to know all this? I am not going to use it later on!!”. Are you one of “those” students? Well, to be honest I used to think that too when I was studying as well. I hated studying about plants. I don’t even want to know the functions of parenchyma, sclerenchyma and tracied..wait! it’s tracheid right? I hated Add Maths (trigonometry, integration and VECTORS!!) and I still clearly remember to this day that after my final exam I told myself that I shall not want to associate myself with Add Maths…EVER EVER again!!

Now after being out of school many years later, I realized that the basic education system functions just as it is supposed to be. A basic knowledge of everything that you possibly need to know. You may never know which topic might spark your interest.Whatever subjects I mentioned above may be one of your interests. Who knows? The point is, learning is never a waste. You have to endure it with an open mind. Memorizing may be a pain especially when you don’t know whether the stuff makes sense.It is highly possible that half of the stuffs you memorized will vanish immediately after you’ve written your exams. But one day, you never know that the things that you learn in school may come in handy.

Learning has its long term effects.Learning is an art. Whether you like it or not, you will have to do it because learning is going to be a lifelong process. For you to be successful, you will have to master this art of learning. Why not start now? From your subjects? Use it as a stepping stone to achieve greater heights. Associate it with SUCCESS, and to be a successful person, you make use of whatever that is given to you and make the most out of it. You should not worry about the immediate use of all those weird chemical compounds and the history of world civilization. One day your career might be associated in one of those subjects? You never know 🙂

(p.s: I have dealt with Additional Mathematics throughout my learning years and still teach Additional Mathematics till today. So much for hating it right 😉 )

Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can, there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did – Sarah Caldwell


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  1. I’ve recently become very passionate about the idea of furthering one’s education. When someone says “furthering education,” they always seem to think that you actually have to go to college and get a degree to do so. Although this is an excellent way to get more knowledge, that’s not the only avenue to learn and gain more knowledge. I absolutely love your article here.

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