Why is Chemistry Beautiful?

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As a Chemistry teacher, I personally find Chemistry to be a subject that is fascinating and beautiful. Why? Due to its complex nature and a touch of simplicity to it. Confused? That’s how it feels when you start learning it at the beginning. As time progresses,you’ll be able to notice that every chapter is linked to each other in a way and once you realize that, you’ll surely be able to think of it as an ACE subject. Scroll down and look at some fascinating images that broadcasts the beauty of nature and could be explained by using Chemistry

Snow crystals happen when the air is directly converted into ice without becoming liquid water first. As more and more vapor condenses, that is when the pattern emerges. Snow crystal is initially a hexagonal plate which grows “arms” as it undergoes various change in temperature and humidity. How does this change happen? As the hexagonal plate falls, it is subjected to various temperature levels in the atmosphere thus contributing to the growth of the arm. Although it may look symmetrical, if observed closely the arms grow in different lengths. Why does it all look alike? Simply because the plate travels to the same path, hence all six arms would have experienced a similar rate of change and growth.

An amethyst is a type of quartz (SiO2) or known as silicon dioxide. The purple color comes from impurities such as manganese or iron. Manganese and iron are part of transitional elements located in the D block of the periodic table. Each transitional elements has its own distinct color and is a major component of precious gemstones. Other precious stone examples are:

The green color of emerald is caused by Chromium ions

The blue color of sapphire is caused by the titanium and iron ions in the structure

The red color of garnet is caused by iron(II) which replaces magnesium ion

Hornets and wasps works directly under sunlight. Why? They have cuticles that absorbs direct sunlight!! The absorbed sunlight is converted into electrical energy and used in regulating body temperature and other physical activities like digging or flight and other metabolic activities as well!! Fascinating right??

Generally, spider webs are elastic yet tough. A spider known as Darwin’s bark spider has silk twice as strong and it is combined with high strength. The toughness measured weighs up to 520 MJ/m^3 and is known as the toughest biomaterial ever produced. This spider produces web orbs suspended over streams and rivers and the length of a thread can reach up to 25 meters!!!

A cactus known as Saguaro makes oxalate from the carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere and combines it with calcium ions taken from the soil and changes it to calcium carbonate (solid)  to be returned to the soil. It is also known as sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide into soil.

This is a pair of dragonfly wings. Take a look at the amount of patterns on it. If studied carefully, it can be noted that there are a mixture of patterns (polygons such as hexagons, rectangles and triangles) in a dragonfly wing. Dragonflies are known as the ace of flying insects due to its remarkable endurance during flight and its ability to perform various aerial acrobats. The wings are a matter of study and a mystery as it is able to withstand endurance, undergo bending and a certain degree of rotation but when tested it is extremely brittle in nature. These wings are made up of chitin and chitosan membranes with tubular structures that contains fluid.

These are the few examples on the beauty of chemistry in nature. I have included a list of books that will help simplify Chemistry and hopefully, the love towards this subject can be nurtured.

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schaums easy outline of beginning chemistry second edition

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ace general chemistry i and ii the easy guide to ace general chemistry i an

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arrow pushing in organic chemistry an easy approach to understanding reactiThis book has a rating of 4.5 out of from 15 customer reviews

Do let me know if you find these books interesting in the comments section below

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  1. What you’re saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I’m sure you’ll reach so many people with what you’ve got to say.

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