Why learn big data Hadoop?

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Hadoop was launched in 2016 as an Apache project. Pretty new right? Although it is such, there has been a constant buzz to rapidly learn big data analytics these days. Reason is because, big industries out there are rushing to find an efficient way to  manage their huge database effectively. Together with Hadoop, the other big data software provider would be Spark, and Redshift. However, Hadoop has been able to capture 90% of the big data market and here’s why:

  1. Cost effective.
  2. It is a platform for data storage and not just a storage system.
  3. It is less prone to faults. There are many nodes and even if one goes faulty, the others will still function as it is.
  4. It has an Open source which I believe is useful as you can modify the codes as and when required.
  5. Complex nature data can be processed within no time.
  6. Ability to store any type of data.

If you’re looking into riding this “Hadoop Wave”, here’s your chance. You can clearly see on why big data analytics is such a vital importance to the industries out there. Imagine being an expert on one of the most sought after platforms? You’ll definitely be head hunted!!.

In looking for a career enhancement, it is definitely wise to look for the latest emergence and in that sense big data Hadoop is definitely worth a try. More details on Hadoop can be found from my previous post Architects, It Graduates – Big Data Hadoop!!

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I have highlighted the benefits of joining Edureka in the post above as well. Do check out Edureka and give it a try. Be the next sought after person by mastering Hadoop.
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